Best Wireless Earbuds 2020 Buying Guide And Other FAQs

Wireless earbuds have become very popular among consumer for the past few years due to a variety of factors. Besides giving you the freedom away from dangling wires, some of the big brands in the market like Jabra, Sony, Apple etc offer earbuds that have great sound quality for music and calls, comfort and also long battery life for extended usage.

Besides the standard functions mentioned above, the best wireless earbuds also provides noise-cancelling tech for business calls, hands free experience via digital assistant like Siri or Google Assistant, voice control convenient touch controls and carry cases to charge your earbuds on the go. The list below showcase the overall best wireless earbuds in the market for various purposes

  • Best Overall Wireless Earbuds – Jabra Elite 75t 
  • Best Budget Wireless Earbuds – Mugo Wireless Earbuds, Mpow M9 
  • Best Wireless Earbud Under 200 – Powerbeat3 
  • Best Wireless Earbud Under 100 – Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus
  • Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50 – TOZO T10,  FOCUSPOWER F10
  • Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out – Plantronics BackBeat FIT

If you are considering getting a new headphone, check out our guide On How To Choose Good Headphones For Music]. Do make sure that you choose one that has a great ergonomic design for long usage,  right fit for the size of your ear. We will continue to update this list as we review the latest wireless earbuds in the market.

Best Overall Wireless Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds – True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case, Titanium Black – Bluetooth Earbuds with a More Comfortable, Secure Fit, Long Battery Life and Great Sound Quality

We rate the Jabra Elite 75t Earbud as the best overall earbuds in the market not only for sound quality but also being lightweight and incredible design. Weighing at only 5.5g makes it ideal for long business calls on the go. For a business user, the 4 microphone technology ensures that each call is of the highest quality even in a windy environment.

Designed and tested for compact comfort, the smaller design of the earbud provides an ideal fit for almost every type of ear

Jabra Elite 75t Earbud has a long-lasting battery life that makes it last for more extended hours when in use. The battery goes for about 7-8 hours on a single-use. Also, it is supplied with a handy charging case that makes the item charge for short hours. The case is supposed to last for up to 28hours. We do need to charge it after a week of use.

Do note that you may need to adjust the bass setting using the app as the default setting may tend to overpower the highs and lows of the music. It also have low water rating where you may need to be careful when using it in rain or snow environment.

Special Features

  • Available in titanium color
  • It weighs 1.22 pounds net
  • Superb battery life


  • It has extended hours serving battery
  • It offers a compact comfort
  • 4 microphone technology to ensure good call quality
  • It has warranty support


  •  The small earbuds design makes tasks like volume control a bit more troublesome
  • Bass Quality not as good as expected
  • Low Water Rating

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds

Mugo Wireless Earbuds

MuGo Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 3500mAh Charging Case, IP8 Waterproof Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth Headset with Built-in Mic, Premium Sound, Noise Canceling Earphones for Sport

We consider the Mugo Wireless Earbuds as the best budget wireless earbuds at under $25 price point. They are small with fast charging capability. It can last up to 150 hours of usage and comes with a 3500mAh Led charging case. Equipped with IP8 waterproof tech, this Bluetooth waterproof earbuds can fend off sweat, water and rain for strenuous workout and all weather conditions.

Built-in high-quality microphone (with AAC decoding) and lossless HD rendering tech produces incredible sound quality when making important calls.  The noise cancellation of the wireless headphones also helps to eliminate any ambient sounds or wind noise while running, cycling and jogging.

The bass is deep and they work great even for running too. You should consider giving these a try especially if you are on a really tight budget and just wanted something practical.

Special Features

  • Easy one-button control
  • Class 8 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.0


  • Low price point
  • Up to 150 hours of usage with the battery case
  • Fast charging


  •  Short battery life

Strong Contender: Mpow M9 True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds, Mpow M9 4-mic Noise Cancelling CVC 8.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones in-Ear, Touch Control Stereo Bass Sports Headphones, 40H Playing Time/USB-C/IPX8 Waterproof, Single/Twin Mode, Red

You can’t go without finding Mpow M9 True Wireless Earbuds in the list when searching for the Best Budget Wireless Earbuds. This is one of the best buds for people who’re always on the move but can’t let go of their music. The earbuds are lightweight enough, allowing you to move freely. It is also IPX8 Waterproof & Sweatproof suitable for exercising or running.

The item comes with adjustable and secure-fit ear hooks with multiple ear tips options for maximum comfort. Mpow M9 True Wireless Earbuds also comes with 4-mic Environment Noise Cancelling to ensure high clarity calls.

For users that like to use earbuds with digital assistants, the Mpow M9 True Wireless earbuds is compatible with Siri.

Special features

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • Siri Activation
  • USB-C charge support and fast charge
  • Up to 40 hours usage with charging case


  • Portable
  • It comes with a fair price
  • High Clarity calls
  • Water-Resistant


  • Can only last up to 6 hours per charge

Best Wireless Earbud Under 200

Powerbeat3 Wireless Earphone

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones - Apple W1 Headphone Chip, Class 1 Bluetooth, 12 Hours Of Listening Time, Sweat Resistant Earbuds - Defiant Black-Red

Having this powerbeat3 wireless Earphone is the Best Wireless Earbud Under 200 purchase decision you’ll ever make owing to the fact that they provide perfect bass.

The earbuds feature a long-serving battery life that goes up to 12 hours of use. Besides, the battery has a high-speed charging power that will be full within the shortest hours. The item is made with well-fitting earhooks and earwings that will ensure maximum comfort. This property is ideal for the individual engaging in any gym and running activities.

They are also perfect for all-weather usage as they are made of water and sweat-resistant materials. So, you don’t have to worry if you sweat a lot or get rained on while out on a run because your earbuds won’t suffer any damage.

Special Features

  • It weighs 8 ounces net
  • Long-serving batteries
  • It has Android and IOS devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has earhooks


  • It is affordable
  • It is portable
  • It comes with attractive color


  • It has no sound isolation
  • May lead to hearing lose

Best Wireless Earbud Under 100

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus, True Wireless Earbuds w/Improved Battery and Call Quality (Wireless Charging Case Included), (International Version) (Cosmic Black)

Are you in need of one of the Best Wireless Earbud Under 100? Don’t go any further than this amazing brand from Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are made of water and sweat resistant material, meaning you can go with them to your workout sessions or have some amazing shower time while dancing to your favorite tune. Samsung Galaxy buds have both Android and IOS devices that provide proper Bluetooth access. This makes it ideal for athletes and any individual engaging in vigorous body exercise.

The earbuds are entitled to come with the Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play music, receive calls, and do many things seamlessly.

Special Features

  • 58mAh battery capacity
  • Comes with sizable weight
  • Microphone
  • Powered by Android and IOS connectivity


  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Strong Bass
  • Water-Resistant


  • It may offer variable sound quality.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds under 50

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones in Ear Built in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport Black

These TOZO T10 wireless earbuds are a sight to behold. Despite being rather small, they do come with their own distinctive style and does not affect their sound quality. The 8mm large size speaker driver provides an authentic high fi studio sound and powerful bass performance.

We like the fact that they have a great range and is easy to pair with your phone. Just pick up the 2 headsets from charging box and they will connect each other automatically.  The last step is only easily connecting it with your mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.

The idea of having them sweatproof is great too. The charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to immerse in the water of 1-meter depth for up to 30 minutes. As a result, these headphones are very good, especially for running, gym or even singing in the rain.

You will have a lot with fun with these as they are very comfortable. If you are worried about the battery life, this TOZO T10 wireless earbuds can last you for around 3.5 hours of playtime for a single charge. You even have the option to extend 9 hours extra hours in the compact charging case.

Special Features

  • Sweatproof
  • Larger size Speaker Driver
  • Great Bluetooth Range


  • Comes with a pocket-friendly price
  • Sweatproof


  • Short playtime of 3.5 hours for a single charge

Strong Contender: FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless Invisible Headphone with 6 Hour Playtime Car Headset with Mic for iPhone and Android Smart Phones(One Pcs)

If you are looking for a wireless earbud that you can use while driving during outdoor meetings, you may like to consider the FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud. The ability to connect to 2 mobile devices at one go remove your hassle of connecting multiple devices separately. A similar product in the market normally would only last up to 3.5 hours of Talktime.

However, the FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud has a higher capacity battery life allowing you to listen to audio at 30-40% volume for about 7 hours and 6-8 hrs of talking time. It can still last 4.5 hr running on full volume.

We also like the range of this earbud where you can instantly connect to your smartphone or tablet from up to 33 feet away. This is an earbud perfect for busy working professionals who are not always in the office.

Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds, Waterproof Wireless Headphones, Access to Interactive Audio Coaching from The PEAR Personal Coach App, Power Blue

If you like to exercise, it would be extremely devastating if your earphones quit before you.  The Plantronics BackBeat FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds tags with you for all your stress freeing running hours. From its flexibility, long-lasting, and watertight features this set delivers you from all problems you may have encountered with your previous pairs.

If it is sturdy high chances are it won’t be complete wreckage after one use. Equipped with a flexible neckband, it allows you to easily twist your head to sides while still running. This saves you from having neck pains at the end of the session due to the continuous fixed position of your head.

The back ear and soft design also improve the comfort as it gives a tender touch any time it makes contact with your skin. You don’t need something that startles you every time it nudges you.

How risky would it be if you need to go over the complicated process just to adjust your audio volume? Plantronics BackBeat FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds controls are a mere stretch accessible to keep you exercising while you adjust your settings. The process is easy as a simple tap and you are done. This will both save you from losing focus while exercising and also from bearing uncomfortable settings for all your swimming hours.

Just with a 15 minutes charging time, the set keeps you company for 8 entertaining exercise hours. This lengthens your battery life and saves you from continuous annoying charging. With such assurance, you ought not to worry about your music going off immediately the second song starts.

Special Features

  • 8 uninterrupted listening hours
  • Open ear tip design
  • Advanced with a reflective finish to allow visibility in lowlight or night surroundings
  • On-ear controls
  • Waterproof


  • Ear accessible controls.
  • Sweat and watertight.
  • Uninterrupted 8 hours usage once charged.
  • Open ear made to keep you aware of your surroundings.
  • Reflective frame to aid visibility while in the dark.


  • Not suitable for swimming

Strong Contender: Taotronic Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for affordable earbuds with great sound and good noise cancellation, you may like to look at the TaoTronics Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Magnetic Earbuds. It allows you to do 3 EQ settings (normal, bass & treble) which delivers the absolute best in-ear sound experience. 

The built-in microphone with advanced CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology delivers crisp voice calls. This helps you avoid any embarrassing moments where the recipient cannot hear you clearly.

The protective waterproof layer helps to prevent sweat or rain from damaging your earphones. The TaoTronics Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 5.0 Sports Magnetic Earbuds also comes with one of the longest playtimes in the market. It can last you up to 14 hours on a single charge so you will not need to waste time charging it frequently.

The cool magnetic design will also securely attach the two earbuds together for stylish wear around your neck when not in use.

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What to Consider When Buying The Best Wireless Earbuds

Finding an excellent wireless earbud may not be simple. You need to consider factors like the size of the earbud, material used, sound quality, among other features. Here is a simple guide to help you out when shopping for a perfect earbud for bass.


Buying earbuds for the base with sturdy materials will make them serve you longer and better. You don’t want to purchase those gadgets that are too delicate and will wear off easily. The choice of a durable one will ensure you use it for an extended time and offer value for your money. Go for a material that can resist pressure and are moisture-proof so that they don’t get damaged easily.

Sound Isolation

The sound isolation quality determines an excellent earbud for base hence an essential factor to consider. You need to listen to your music without interruption from other sounds in the environment, distracting your music. The earbuds with proper sound isolation restricts all the environmental destructors that might affect your music or any other sound you intend to hear. You will feel better when working out in the gym or relaxing in a place full of people.

Bluetooth Connectivity

A good wireless earbud should also have latest Bluetooth connectivity as an important feature. These are connected to your device using Bluetooth technology. These Bluetooth earbuds will offer enough freedom, especially when you’re involved in other activities such as running or working out in a gym. Do make sure that they are of the latest version to be compatible for the latest electronic devices.


As far as you’re looking for good bass and great sound, comfort should be in the list of your considerations. You can get your desired bass, but what if your ears suffer as a result. You don’t want to keep removing them or switch to more comfortable ones as you can get perfect comfort if only you take the time to purchase the best. Some earbuds are made with specific stay in place technology so they can fit perfectly without moving and giving you a hard time.


A good earbud manufacturer offers a good warranty with their devices as confidence that they are going to last you more than the warranty period. This will give you complete peace of mind as you can always return it id it comes with some defects. You don’t have to lose your money for something that won’t work at all.

How To Set Up Wireless Earbuds

Since wireless earbuds became popular, wires are history. More and more people are using them and more and more manufacturers are making wireless models. It’s no surprise that wireless earbuds are so popular, they are so convenient and easy to use.

However, Bluetooth pairing can be quite a problem for some users. Even though pairing is a simple process, problems can occur due to a couple of reasons. After buying brand-new wireless earbuds, many users can’t enjoy them because of pairing issues.

Don’t worry though, this exact problem is our task for today. Without further ado, let’s see how to set up your wireless earbuds?

Pairing Wireless Earbuds With A Device

I’m guessing you will be using your earbuds with a phone, PC or laptop. Essentially, Bluetooth pairing is the same for every device, only few steps are different. Wireless earbuds are most commonly used with smartphones, so let’s start with that.

Wireless Earbuds With A Smartphone

If you didn’t change the default settings on your phone, setting up your earbuds will go smoothly. We’ll talk later about problems that may stop you from pairing up your earbuds.

Start by turning on your wireless earbuds, make sure that they have at least 50% battery. Then, turn on the Bluetooth and your phone. 

Now, find the Bluetooth button on your earbuds and turn it on. Every wireless earbuds model has a different way to turn on pairing mode. Usually, you hold the Bluetooth button until you hear a noise.

After you’ve put your earbuds in pairing mode, the earbuds will show up as an available device on your phone. Select the earbuds as the device to be paired with and you should be done.

The process is the same both for Android and iOS, so don’t worry.

Wireless Earbuds With A PC

Now, most PCs don’t have a built-in Bluetooth chip, except for Mac. If you want your PC to be able to pair up with your earbuds, you must buy a Bluetooth dongle. It will act as a Bluetooth card for your PC.

Setting up your wireless earbuds on your PC is the same as setting up on your phone. Turn earbuds on, turn PC’s Bluetooth on, put earbuds in pairing mode. Find the earbuds as a device to be paired with on your PC and select them.

The process is the same for laptops too, no point in talking about it. Laptops have a built-in Bluetooth chip, so no need for a dongle.

Why Wireless Earbuds Won’t Pair

You’ll experience Bluetooth pairing for a number of reasons, I’ll be brief about it. 

  1. Make sure there isn’t another Bluetooth device nearby that may be interfering with the earbuds. I recommend, turning off other Bluetooth devices while pairing up.
  2. Check if your phone’s Bluetooth is visible to other devices. For some phones, visibility prevents pairing up.
  3. If you’re using a PC, after pairing, set your earbuds as the sound output device.
  4. A low battery percentage can prevent Bluetooth from pairing up, make sure both devices are powered.

Verdict To Best Wireless Earbuds

The above models are what we feel are some of the best wireless earbuds in the market currently. Generally, getting the perfect wireless earbuds that you like not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of research and considerations to put in place. Always ensure that the wireless earbuds you get have great battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, durability, water-resistant and fits within your budget.

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