Best Over Ear Headphones Under $500


Most people criticize the on-ear headphones because they press the ears against the head, which can be irritating. However, over-ear headphones offer the best audio experience by shutting out the outside world.  This explains their more expensive price tag compared against other types of headphones. Based on our research and real users feedbacks, we review … Read moreBest Over Ear Headphones Under $500

10 Best Headphones for Drummers in 2020

Best Headphones for Drummers

Headphones are one of the most important electronic gadgets that have found their application in many aspects of our daily activities. In 2020, Best headphones for drummers are of much importance as it allows a better experience. However, those most headphones that perform excellently with your mobile may perform woefully for drumming. In a nutshell, … Read more10 Best Headphones for Drummers in 2020