How Do I Pair My iHip Headphones

One of the most preferred headphones manufacturers is iHip. Even though they can’t compare to Bose or Sony, they make really good products at a reasonable price. Wireless earbuds are the most popular iHip products, although, the over-ear headphones are pretty good too. Users that switched to iHip got a bit confused on How Do I Pair My iHip Headphones.

Of course, every manufacturer designs a different way to pair the headphones. Although the pairing process is basically the same, Bluetooth pairing is confusing to many users. 

So, if you’re having pairing issues with the iHip headphones you’ve bought, don’t worry, we’ll solve that in a minute. Keep reading to find out how to pair your iHip Bluetooth headphones.

How do I pair my iHip Bluetooth headphones

No matter what kind of iHip model you have, they all have a Multi-Function Control Button. If you’re having trouble finding that button, look for the button that turns on the headphones. When you click or hold on that button, you’ll see that the LED indicator will start flashing. These are the things to know before pairing.

Now, most iHip headphones will start automatically to look for a pairing device when you turn them on. However, if the headphones haven’t been paired with any device in the past, you’ll need to pair them manually.

Start by clicking and holding the Power On button for 2-4 seconds. This will both turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode. You’ll know that the pairing mode is on by the blue and red flashing of the LED indicator. Also, you’ll hear a sound that tells you that the headphones are ready to pair.

Turn on Bluetooth

Then, move on to the device you’re going to be pairing your headphones with. Turn on Bluetooth on the device and wait for the iHip headphones to show up. When the device recognizes the headphones as an available device, select them to pair.

After that, your headphones should be connected. You’ll know that the pairing was successful when you hear a sound. 

The next time you’ll be pairing the headphones with the same device, only hold the Power button for 2 seconds. The LED indicator will flash a blue light that tells you the headphones will pair automatically.

Battery level

As you may know, a low-battery percentage will interfere with the pairing process. Brand new headphones usually come with a 40% battery. That’s why it would be a good idea to charge your headphones before pairing for the first time.

Also, make sure there aren’t any other Bluetooth devices nearby. Turn off other Bluetooth devices before pairing to make sure that the pairing will be successful.

That should be it. If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have any problems. Good luck with your iHip headphones, may they serve you well. 

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How Do I Pair My iHip Headphones


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How Do I Pair My iHip Headphones


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