Avantree 40 hour Wireless Bluetooth

Avantree 40 hour Wireless Bluetooth

Key features.

  • 32-ohm impedance.
  • Bluetooth wired 2 in 1.
  • Aptx HI-FI sound.
  • Comfy customizable design.
  • Extra lightweight design.
  • 40+ hours extended battery life.


The first eye-catching description of this headphone is the low latency. Yes, everyone needs a quick working set. For excellent sounds whether at work or home, the unit provides quality sounds with a bass boost option that you can switch on and off in an instant.

Going cordless sounds great even if you don’t need to tilt your head. This minimizes having unnecessary cables and also reduces the setup time.

Can headphones weigh 200 grams? Yes, with avantree you don’t need to free your problems while loading others on your head. This headphone will enable you to turn your head sideways with ease without using all your energy. A heavier headphone will make you tire in minutes. In the end, why do I need to get it if it does not make my gaming enjoyable?

We all need prolonged gaming hours instead of prolonged tiresome hours.
For music lovers, sound harmonizing makes the music extra cool.

You don’t need to have undistinguishable voices booming in your ears. This headphone delivers a distinguishable bass, mid sounds, and treble with no additional cables restricting them down. Being cordless enables you to freely dance tithe beat, no annoying wires hanging from every side.

If the device is not comfortable, then you will not concentrate on the game for even 30 minutes continuously. Despite the high quality, the comfort of the headphones should also be considered.

Avantree’s comfort is enhanced by the extremely light quite soft earpads that have a changeable headband that you can wear all day. Being adjustable, you don’t need to worry about it falling off when you nod or tilt your head.Passive noise-canceling enables you to have more focus on calls and not the surrounding distractions.

An extended battery often equals extended gaming hours. You don’t wish to be rushing to a power source every one hour you play. It is no fun.  It is a common saying that more charging reduces the gadgets life.

You don’t need to let your money go down the drain in a few months. Avantree extends your gaming hours for uninterrupted 40 hours play. It doesn’t get better than that.

Compared to other headphones in the market, Avantree features a long-lasting battery with at least 40 gaming hours. This feature makes it more ideal in comparison to other headphone sets.

Extended battery life.
Extremely comfy fit.
High-quality music sound.
Works effectively with Bluetooth devices.
Requires no technical skills.
Extra light weighted.

Not active noise canceling.
The inbuilt microphone does not work in cabled mode.
Its Bluetooth functioning range may be restricted by obstacles or environmental aspects.