Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Wireless

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Wireless


  • External cat ear speakers for sharing music
  • Easily pairs to bluetooth enabled device
  • Independently controlled color-changing accent lights
  • Up to 5 hours playtime by usb charging
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The Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones Wireless allows you to listen privately or share your music with your friends. Slip the cushioned earcups over your ears and they conform the unique shape of your head.

It will block out any background noise and letting you enjoy all the rich, vibrant sound you expect from premium headphones. This is a blast when you bring to night parties. With the flip of a switch, your headphones go from private sound studio to a party-rocking sound system.

Everyone around you can enjoy and dance with the rhythm as your music pumps through the external cat ear speakers. You are going to be the spotlight of the day.


Headphone Audio

  • 20Hz-–20KHz frequency response
  • 32 Ohm impedance
  • 40mm drivers

Cat Ear Speaker Audio

  • 200Hz–18KHz frequency response
  • 32mm drivers



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