Plantronics BackBeat FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds

Plantronics BackBeat FIT Training Edition Sport Earbuds

Key features

  • 8 uninterrupted listening hours
  • Open ear tip design
  • Advanced with a reflective finish to allow visibility in lowlight or night surroundings
  • On-ear controls
  • Waterproof


It would be extremely devastating if your earphones quit before you do. Plantronics tags with you for all your stress freeing swimming hours. From its flexibility, long-lasting, and watertight features this set delivers you from all problems you may have encountered with your previous pairs.

Sturdy and comfy

If it is sturdy high chances are it won’t be complete wreckage after one use. Equipped with a flexible neckband, it allows you to easily twist your head to sides while still underwater. This saves you from having neck pains at the end of the session due to the continuous fixed position of your head.

The back ear and soft design also improve the comfort as it gives a tender touch any time it makes contact with your skin. You don’t need something that startles you every time it nudges you.

On-ear controls

How risky would it be if you need to go over the complicated process just to adjust your audio volume? Plantronics controls are a mere stretch accessible to keep you swimming while you adjust your settings. The process is easy as a simple tap and you are done. This will both save you from losing focus while underwater and also from bearing uncomfortable settings for all your swimming hours.

8 hours lasting battery

Just with a 15 minutes charging time, the set keeps you company for 8 entertaining swimming hours. This lengthens your battery life and saves you from continuous annoying charging. With such assurance, you ought not to worry about your music going off immediately the second song starts.


Ear accessible controls.
Sweat and watertight.
Uninterrupted 8 hours dive once charged.
Open ear made to keep you aware of your surroundings.
Reflective frame to aid visibility while in the dark.


Not suitable if you have to submerge your head.